Gemain Construct

Solution in Construction Project Management

Achieve a higher level of control.
Gemain Construct is simple, complete and maintains a clear and continuous commitment chains involving all stakeholders of a Project.



Gemain is a Project Management solution, cloud based and focused on cost efficiency and profitability improvement for the Construction Industry and any other project-based businesses.


We help clients avoid the 80/20 rule on scheduling and budgeting of projects by permanently integrating Scope, Time, and Cost under a unified database.


Gemain has been developed under solid fundamentals utilizing PMI best practices and strictly following the EVM – Earn Value Management methodology recognized as the best technique to grant the permanent integration of the 3 variables.





“Over the next decade, these winners
of tomorrow will take the lead in
technology innovation and digitization.
Resisting change is no longer an option.”
– McKinsey

“Large Capital Projects typically take 20% longer to finish… and are up to 80% over budget..”
– McKinsey

“The inefficiencies of the construction industry cost our nation’s taxpayers, corporations and developers over $120 billion annually”
– Barry B LePartner

“The construction industry is ripe for disruption. Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 percent over budget. Construction productivity has declined in some markets since the 1990s and financial returns for contractors are often relatively low and volatile.”
– McKinsey



You Are Not Alone

98% of projects incur cost overruns or delays.
• The average cost increase is 80% of original value.
• The average slippage is 20 months behind original schedule.



The Development of our methodology and software is anchored in 30 years of experience in field project management and complex
construction projects.
During the last 20 years more than US$12 Billion in construction projects were managed using GEMAIN.


Gemain´s IT team is composed of distinguished SOFTWARE engineers from the best universities in Brazil.

Our team´s priority is to continuously improve the System incorporating the latest available technologies while making the interface user friendly and make it easy to integrate to other tools & ERPs available in the Market.


Gemain development team led by our CTO, are experts in PMI best practices and EVM – Earned Value Management, regulated by ANSI-748-C.

Our team focus is generating the most accurate, automatic, real-time and auditable reports with data which effectively monitors Projects´ Health.

Gemain continues to improve to maintain its status of the best system available for Project Management.

5 Main Reasons - To use Gemain

1. Project Control
supported by visibility of project health through permanent integration of scope, time and cost
2. Compliance
transparency of all project activities enabling full control
3. Financial Control
reports with trustworthy information provided by reliable and consistent data
4. Productivity
online collaboration for all project stakeholders encouraging team work and better results
5. Risk Management
insights are provided by live predictive analytics to support proactive decision making

How do we Differ from Competition

clockTrue integration of scope, time, and cost in one single environment, providing cause – consequence to be immediately reflected



Online collaboration for all project stakeholders encourages teamwork, reduces labor and focus the team on data analysis, not on data gathering, bringing better and quicker results.



Wide and simple interface with all Corporate systems and applications, while offered in a SaaS mode allows for low impact to Corporate operation for implementing the use of Gemain Construct



Control supported by visibility and consistency to always keep up with the most important metrics



Complete transparency through automatic and real time reports increase efficiency, allows for Compliance and Meritocracy measurements providing a single version of the truth when dealing with project health.



Our modules are organized according to PMI’s areas
of knowledge respecting a universal language of project management.
They are fully integrated to correctly apply Earned Value Technique throughout the project’s lifecycle.

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