Our History


Real words from real customers!
  • “Gemain was fundamental to help FATOR settle claim disputes by determining responsibilities on a 64% cost overrun execution of Hospital das Americas.”
    Fator Towers LtdaFator Towers LtdaAndre Mofato, Fator Towers Director
  • “Despite WBS constant changes during Rodoanel execution, Gemain provided Contern complete control of this US$1.2B complex Project from the São Paulo State Government.”
    Contern ConstruçõesContern ConstruçõesCarollina Lima, Director
  • “Gemain was instrumental to settle a $40M claim dispute with Contractor by clearly determining responsibilities for cost overrun avoiding legal consequences.”
    Promom EngenhariaPromom EngenhariaJorge Patricio, Promom, Director
  • “A US$25M budget overrun dispute involving AUDI and several different contractors was resolved with the implementation of Gemain which determined clear responsibilities during execution.”
    Audi/VWAudi/VWDietmar KowalikVolkswagen Brasil, Director
  • “We have been successfully using Gemain to integrate our portfolio of constructions. The system gives us full control over our projects and it has proven to be an outstanding tool required to provide us visibility of our project execution”
    Burger King BrazilBurger King BrazilGustavo Fehlberg, Burger King, Director
  • “Gemain has been an outstanding tool for Artelia maintaining the required level of control of Coca Cola and Marimex project execution despite of its complexity, diversity and high number contractors hired.”
    Artelia Brasil Desenvolvimento e Gerenciamento Ltda.Artelia Brasil Desenvolvimento e Gerenciamento Ltda.Claudio Falcão, Artelia, Director Geral