• GEMAIN easily integrates with other systems used in the industry such as ERPs, existing project management softwares and other legacy systems.

Gemain is not just another option for you.

It is best solution to customers who want to have effective control of a project.

How is that done!

A software developed from the ground up integrating permanently Scope, Time and Cost, utilizing best PMI practices and fully adhering to Earned Value Management.

All data is kept and managed in a single database.

Gemain links all steak holder relationships, historical data and delivers root causes and effects to project outcome automatically and in real time.

Offered in a SAAS model, the system easily communicates with any current Corporate software through plug and play API´s to allow no interference with regular company operation.

reports to all Project stakeholders allowing early visibility of any deviations for proactive decision making;
GEMAIN is an integrated data system that can give the most important project metrics so that managers and executives can track their estimates